Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mitre Sample Blanket to be.

Another stash buster!

I came up with the idea of knitting a blanket with squares from each homespun yarn I had created.

Well that was just recently and I haven't got a sample of every yarn I've made unfortunately, but I will save them from now, just for this purpose.

The idea is nice but only works with yarns of similar size, so that means some I can't use as squares but may use in another way added to the blanket when finished.

At the moment this is what the blanket looks like. It is a square of about 70cm. But it is a start.
This is going to be an ongoing project for years to come!

The mitered squares are simple and knitted together, so you knit from square to square, no sewing required.

Here is a mitered blanket Afghan on Ravelry;

Although I got help with my pattern from a friend, so I did not use this.

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