Sunday, September 25, 2011


Learning to use natural products in the dyeing of wool is an amazing experience. To accept that colour is freely available in nature all around us is opening up a whole new dimension for those looking at bringing some colour into their homespuns.

The above batches were done using, Dahlia, flax flowers, black walnut husks, onion, Tanekaha (spelling??) bark, lychen to name a few.

The amount of wool I had dyed in different colours meant that only together they would make a arment as each colour batch was too small on its own. Now, I am not a fan of stripes but couldn't come up with any other idea of how to use these colours together.

I used the following pattern;

And the result you can see here.

I am not too pleased with the result on me. I did not have more wool to make it longer otherwise I would have done that. But it shows of the colours nicely together and I love the pattern I used. A warning for those who may try it;
It is not hard to knit but the rows are awfully long!!!

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