Friday, April 6, 2012

Angora Merino; spun up.

You may remember the angora rabbit fibre I got given by a friend in Holland
I posted it here on my blog;

It is bearly recognisable but it is here in this spun up yarn.
Beautifully soft and with a lovely halo.

I spun a strand each of Angora and Merin /Silk mix and plied it into 466 yards of yarn, weighing only about 85-90 gr. 

I still has some Angora left which was plied on itself and produced 58 yards weighing less the 25 gr of very fine yarn to play with.

So in total the Angora spun up to 116 plus 466 = 528 yards all together........amazing.

I am planning to knit a helix scarf with it, just got to look for a pattern.


An other older project is this scarf.

Made from the lovely pattern "Persuasion Scarf" by Kristi Johanson published in the Spin Off magazine of Fall 2011

I knitted it with some left over Arapawa wool originally spun and used for a vest , beany and fingerless gloves for my farmer. 

The dark colour is hard to photograph but I do like the scarf and it does belong in this archive too.

Now who needs a scarf?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Water Melon

How is this for colour!?

I called it "Water Melon".

These 4 skeins were spun from unknown white wool. The first 4 spun on my Grace Wheel.

They were dyed for the DAL (Dye along) march project of the Dutch Dyers group on Ravelry (of course)

I had hoped for a more rainbow look but had run out of blue dye so had to use turqoise, hence the green domination.

But nothing is lost.....It will make a nice kids vest or cardigen I think.

Brown and Bulky Merino

This is some yarn I spun last year. It just haddn't made it into this blog yet.

I bought a bag of carded brown merino that felt soft but unfortunately wasn't that well processed. It was a nightmare to spin finely.

I decided to spin it very bulky and uneven in stead. And it came up a lovely and soft yarn probably suitable for needles 8mm plus

Not too much of it but someone will have a lovely warm hat or mittens, thats for sure.

Sock blanks revisited

I just wanted to share with you what happened to the sock blanks I crocheted and dyed a while back.
You can see them here;

I unraveled them and they washed up great, most of the crinkling gone.

The colours turned out lovely and this is my favorite.

But this is Kiki's favorite and she wants socks.

So, to make use of the double tread identically dyed in the sock blank. I wound up the wool in 1 centre pull ball.
Now I am knitting 2 socks at the time (thanks to K for the lesson!) and am getting near identical stripey socks.

How cool is that!

Can't wait till they are done!