Thursday, March 6, 2014

My first Arty Yarn

I had a go at creating some art yarn not long ago but I haven't got round to posting about it. So here it is.
Art Yarn is yarn that is different. Not the smooth even en neatly plied stuff you usually spin. It is yarn that is great to use to add some extra dimension to your finished project. It makes nice edges around hats, scarves or cuffs etc. But if you feel so inclined you could also opt to make the whole project with this sort of yarn.
The sky is the limit really you can make anything into yarn, add any bits and pieces to make it interesting or you can use to bobbins of singles that you ply together in a more creative way to create bobbles, loops or funky effects.
This was my first experiment.
I used the drum carder to blend my 'ingredients'.
A layer of black wool
Sprinkle of cut offs and scraps of yarn, string, ribbon or fabric.
Then a layer of fawn wool
Creating a sandwich which is carded, twice.

That created these batts

That were then spun into this single

Then I plied it with a light blue Rayon sparkly thread
to create this very different funky yarn.

And now I need to find a way of using it in a project.