Sunday, August 14, 2011

Winter woolies.

These are thrummed mittens.

I must say that they are fabulously warm.

They are knitted with little lengths of either fleece or thick fluffy yarn inserted every fourth stich of every fourth row, to make a warm lining as you go.

The above pair is a bit light on the lining as I was just trying out the idea with a pattern I found in the "Dyeing to Knit" book.

But it shows the concept clearly. 

And together with a beany they make a lovely warm winter set.

The outside looks like this with little heart like dots resulting from the inserted thick yarn.
Quite decorative and cute.

Totally natural.

Isn't it lovely!

All these skeins were white to start with.

I took them along to a workshop in Natural Dyeing. ("Where are you going mum?" imagine the look on her face when she heard "I am going to a dyeing workshop")

It is so nice to spend a day with other enthusiastic fibre people and just potter around and play with colour and learn from each other.  The results were all so great.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mobius trial.

And then I found a description of something I had never even heard of.
A Mobious Scarf.

My curiosity was raised immediately to figure out how to make it.

A Mobious scarf is a circular scarf with a twist in it, knitted continuously like a figure of 8.

Once you get your head around it it is not difficult at all.

This was my trial with some bright left over yarn. It turned out too small but you get the idea of what it looks like

I am eyeing up this pattern to make some time it looks beautiful;

Blue and greens

I dyed this wool, which was white gotland.
Sprinkling, blue, purple, lime and turqoise Jaguard dye powder over two wet and presoaked (in vinegar solution) skeins laid out on a tray.
Leaving the colours to run and spread.

The result was quite awsome.

However dyeing two skeins like that using the same method, colours and doing it at the same time, still doesn't result in two identically dyed skeins.
One turned out lighter then the other.
So I knitted the ends with the lighter wool and the middle with the darker wool.
Not quite perfect, but hey, still nice.

I used this pattern for a Fishtail Lace Scarf;