Saturday, July 20, 2013

felted slippers

During a workshop day with "Creative Fiber" classes, I experienced wet felting for the first time.
Boy that was a lot of fun!
I haven't got photos of the process but this is the result;
Aren't they gorgeous!

Fire in the pan.

One of those projects done because of a "Dye along" chalenge on Ravelry.
This time by the dutch dyers group
Here is the link;

The theme was Fire, the method "In the pot" and the colour "orange"

So thats what I did. Fibre in the pot (soaked in vinegar/ water).
Added dye (yellow in the middle, bright organge, red orange, cherry red and russet red around)

Then I left the pot uoutside in the heat of the day. Look how dry it was. I was desperate for some colour with all that brown, beige and yellow around.

I got colour alright! Above it is still wet.
Below it is dry.

And here it is spun up;

And then knitted up into this cute little Milo top for a 1 year old.