Thursday, February 28, 2013

Summer Surprise

Our summer is severe this year.
There is so much brown, beige and sandy colour around us now it's getting boring!

That called me to do some dyeing.....again....yes I know but it is such fun!

Not much to add to the below photos, they speak for themselves;

I solar dyed the whole package of wool wrapped in "Glad wrap".
Might as well make use of the relentless sun. 


With 100 g of green and 100g of Pink I've now got 400g of our sheep Barney's wool to process into something to cheer us up!


Apart from some small projects to use up odd balls of yarn I have been working on bigger ones too.

This Shawl started out as 200g of white Alpaca fibre.

I spun it very finely as you can see here. Which took me forever, I tell you!

But the result is absolutely stunning. If I may say so myself.

Although I am not too sure about the colourway, which was meant to turn out bright and bubbly but became more pastel then I had intended. It does not suit me that much, so I'll have to find a recipiant....Lucky person!

Her you see some details of the scarf. The colour is very difficult to get right in the photo but the one above here shows it quite acurately.

The scarf starts with 4 stitches and finishes with 629!!! That is a long long row to cast off.
It is so soft and light, it is beautiful.

Gifted yarn to Shawl.

I was given this Blue shaded yarn in a Swap, It is Regia College World color for socks (4mm)

But decided to make it into a small shawl instead.
I liked this pattern, very easy to do in garter stitch mainly.

Due to short supply in models Lonea stood in for the Picture.

It is the Crest of a Wave Baktus Scarf.
You'll find it here;

Very simple baby vest and beanie

This is a lovely litle vest and beany set.
It will keep a newborn girl nice and snuggly warm!

I am using up left over yan bits that are clogging up my craft space.
And this pattern doesn't use much.

You could do the same.
It is a pattern suitable for beginners, so give it a try!
Here it is;

So very small.

  I read a horrible account in our local newspaper a while ago about a mum of a still born baby who had her little boy handed back to her in a zip lock bag after autopsy.

This left me horrified and sad.

Though this was a very unusual event I thought how nice it would be if hospitals were kitted out with little outfits for stillborns. Just like they are for premie babies these days. So that parents with stillborns can experience kindness and see their loved baby angel dressed in some cute outfit to remember.

I did some research and found this site amongst others;
for people who have experienced stillbirths and find support there.

The pattern I used was associated with that site.
It is found here;

When our spinning group gets somewhat bigger I'll suggest we considder this as a charity knit idea.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vibrant Orange

Remember this vibrant Orange fibre I solar dyed some time back?
Its only about 100g. of unknown fibre, not too soft.

But it spun up quite nicely though the colours are hard to get right in the photos;

The true colour is a mix of the above three I think.

Will make a lovely beanie.

I Like this pattern, but think the yarn may be too thin;

Roses are red.

I did these back in December, they make neat table decorations for Christmas.
Little crochet project with some left over cotton.

This is the pattern I used;

Barefoot sandals....yep

Remember the 70s?

Flower power and peace.

I saw this pattern and had to try this crazy thing.

Just for fun.

It took me all of an hour I think.
Very quick to do.

But even the teen daughters think its too crazy.
"And what is the purpose of that???" They exclaimed.
Just pretty, just fun, just cute....

I used this pattern;