Thursday, February 28, 2013


Apart from some small projects to use up odd balls of yarn I have been working on bigger ones too.

This Shawl started out as 200g of white Alpaca fibre.

I spun it very finely as you can see here. Which took me forever, I tell you!

But the result is absolutely stunning. If I may say so myself.

Although I am not too sure about the colourway, which was meant to turn out bright and bubbly but became more pastel then I had intended. It does not suit me that much, so I'll have to find a recipiant....Lucky person!

Her you see some details of the scarf. The colour is very difficult to get right in the photo but the one above here shows it quite acurately.

The scarf starts with 4 stitches and finishes with 629!!! That is a long long row to cast off.
It is so soft and light, it is beautiful.

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