Saturday, September 21, 2013

Daffodils in green

Another wheel of fiber from this post spun up.
Certainly reminds me of the spring daffodils in our garden at the moment.

Purple yarn to gift

 I used another lot of the fibre from this post;
in a beautiful purple;

To spin and ply this yarn;

Then I used this pattern;
Wandering fingers

To make these;

And then put that together  with a modified headband from this pattern, and some little trinkets into a swap parcel for a birthday girl;


Royal Baby vest

I belong to the New Zealands Creative Fibre National organisation, which is a group of people inspired by fibre crafts like spinning, weaving, felting and other things like that.
A member of this organisation was chosen to spin and knit a shawl for the new royal baby Prince George.
You can read about that here;
Also as the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge are very supportive of charities it was decided that members of our organisation should knit for them to donate to a charity of their choice.
That resulted in the 'baby singlet project' which is running for a year. Members of creative Fiber have responded by knitting baby singlet of newborn size and these are being donated to local hospitals, maternity units and midwives.
The pictures are of my little set of a baby vest, some socks and a bonnet.
I knitted them using the fiber I named "Reef" in this post;

Farmers market bag

One of those projects that is cool to make with some odd bit of yarn, to decrease the stash.
This one is done with some commercial green wool I bought probably twenty years ago (yes I'm getting old, surely!)

This bag stretches forever!
You find the pattern here, though it is not free.

Autumn tones

I received some Fawn Merino.
Plus I had 100g of dyed fibre in rose colours.
Spun a single of each and plied into this subtle combination.

After Dinner Mint.

I can't describe this dye effort any other way. It is "After Dinner Mint" for me.
Dyed during an afternoon of playing with colours with a friend, that only produced surprisingly disappointing results.
No matter what we did, which tecnique we used or which colours we chose we ended up with unexplainable colour effects that did not please us.
It was so bad we ended up in giggles every time one of us revealed their dye results and in the end just gave up.
This was one of them;
A white sliver of Anisha's wool went in the pan followed with Acid dyes of Chocolate, Turqoise and Green hues.
It looked gorgeous and then all fell to bits.
The photo isn't great, due to the light, but it wasn't pretty. 

I spun it up, what else to do?
And while spinning it actually started growing on me.
It seemed the colours became a bit more intense and defined.

I chose not to ply this single as I wanted to retain this improvement and felt that with plying I would actually even the colours out again.
Washed and fulled it has become a soft and fluffy yarn for needle 4 to 5 mm.
I think I'll make a cowl with it.