Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summer surprise processed.

Remember this; My summer dye activity in which I dyed some white fiber with the aid if the sun into some gorgeous multi coloured wheels of plaited fiber.

Well in the mean time I have spun this lot  after thinking hard about how to process these colours into some interesting combinations of yarns to be used in one garment.

Below you see the whole selection of colours, devided up into lots to be seperately spun as singles then plied together. On the first photo you see that the first lot is already spun and plied. A combination of two singles of verigated fiber out of that lot;

As you can see here more up close;

Then I spun 1 green and 1 verigated single

Into this plied lot;

Next I spun 1 single in pink and 1 in verigated yarn and plied that together;

Another combo was the pink and green singles plied into a barberpole effect;

Left was the plain green 2 ply to make;

And lastly the pink;

It is not that great a photo, but here you see it all together.
Because it is Barney's wool Kiki wants me to knit her something and wishes for a shawl she won't outgrow.