Thursday, May 23, 2013

Natural scarf

I had all this yarn still lying around in my stash baskets. Naturally dyed some years ago.

What to use it for???

I chose this pattern;

Which is very simple in garter stitch with no stipulation for yarns used or gauge as they don't matter. It will work with any yarn.

It is a nice size, warm and soft.
What else would one want????

Morning has Broken

This shawl I crocheted as part of a 'Swap' I took part in.

A swap is fun to do.
On Ravelry there are many "swap" communities and I belong to the "New Zealand and Australia Swaps" group.

Within this group Swaps are organised all through the year.

A swap is a themed exchange of gifts. Often a price value is set along with expectations for content.
If you parttake, you are allocated a partner, (sometimes a 'secret one') by a moderator of the group. And each of you put together a parcel according to the swap rules and these then get send to each other by a certain date.

This shawl I made as part of an Autumn themed swap that needed to contain; a handmade item in Autumn theme, some yarn/ fibre or fabric and two treats.

This is the pattern I used for this shawl.

I am rather pleased with how it turned out.
Now I just hope my partner likes it too.

Swaps are fun and full of surprise. You never kow what you are going to receive. And you are always anxious to see your partners response to what you send.
Can be nervewrecking. But that keeps life entertaining.....

Anyway my partner has received it now, so I can let you share let you know she loved the shawl and the parcel.
Here is what I send;

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Here is an example of a swap gift I received some time ago.

It was a "dish cloth and soap" Swap.

Isn't it a pretty cloth!


Just a nice warm beanie for the farm. Made from odd balls of homespun wool.

This is the pattern I used;


Now this was a pretty neat and quick as well as very effective project to do.

I made it from a little kit I bought through the Waikato Creative Fibre group.

Its a beaded necklace, with 5 large wooden beads covered in a knitted 'coat' in which little glass beads are knitted in.

Pretty cool, I am getting a lot of positive comments.

It goes well with several things I like wearing too.


Inspired by the above picture I tried to combine colours to catch the essence of this beautiful reef.

This was the achieved result in pretty acurate colours in the photo.

And this is it spun up.

I love the colour combination, its worked out well.
100g of goodness for the stash for a while until it becomes a hat, beany or gloves, no doubt.