Saturday, September 21, 2013

Royal Baby vest

I belong to the New Zealands Creative Fibre National organisation, which is a group of people inspired by fibre crafts like spinning, weaving, felting and other things like that.
A member of this organisation was chosen to spin and knit a shawl for the new royal baby Prince George.
You can read about that here;
Also as the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge are very supportive of charities it was decided that members of our organisation should knit for them to donate to a charity of their choice.
That resulted in the 'baby singlet project' which is running for a year. Members of creative Fiber have responded by knitting baby singlet of newborn size and these are being donated to local hospitals, maternity units and midwives.
The pictures are of my little set of a baby vest, some socks and a bonnet.
I knitted them using the fiber I named "Reef" in this post;

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