Sunday, March 4, 2012

Angora treasure.

I am having a go at spinning my first ever Angora.

Wow this is so light, so slippery and so soft. It literally feels like I am spinning from a cloud.
I think I am achieving a nice thin thread, I want to make it last and get many yards out of this.

Angora is the hair of the Angora Bunny (Angora goats produce Mohair). Hair is different from wool in structure and this requires different skills in spinning. It is also a reasonably short staple compared to what I have bee used to. So it provides for a nice challenge.

This particular Angora came from Holland. I swapped it with Ariette when I discovered she is working on a big project researching different Sheep Breeds, and I send her 100g of Arapawa wool. In return Ariette send me this lovely Angora from her own German Angora bunny, as a thanks.
Hence we both enjoy something new to try and learn from this exchange.

Ravelry offers so much to fibre crafters all around the world. Without it we would not even have known each other. Cool!

This thin thread I intend to ply with something else quite scrumptious.

It deserves it don't you think?

Something like this;

Its a Merino/ silk blend called Cherry Ripe, also very fine.

I'll be busy for a while as with this stuff little goes a long way!

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