Sunday, March 4, 2012



This is how it started 20 years ago.....
A barely started, never finished jersey.
I know it is amazing I even had it in my cupboard somewhere but I found it recently, just after I learned about sock-blanks.

So I thought 'could this become a sock blank?'

I loosely sewed the two layers together (it was knitted in the round with double thread) and on went the dye!

Unpicking it was a bit of a job as because it was knitted in the round the thread kept twisting on me.

With washing and a bit of weight the yarn became manageable.

But I decided to make mits instead of socks.

I chose the Mojo pattern for a pair of fingerless mits, you can find it here;

Even though the mits look very funny when you're done they are truly wonderful when fitted!

You can see that the gloves are opposites in pattern. Where one has a vertical rib, the other has a horizontal rib.

Much fun to knit.

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  1. Goed gelukt met een duidelijk verhaal. Prachtige kleuren.
    Lovely to see how you get these mittens
    Beautifull colors.