Monday, March 12, 2012

Three !

Really, there is no way to justify it I know.

But why is it that once you are bitten by the 'spinning bug' you see the beauty in these amazing pieces of craftmanship.
I saw this (second hand) beautiful wheel and just could not resist.

Who could????

It is a Grace Wheel, made (still) by Mike Keeves of Nelson in New Zealand.
You can find some info on his wheels here;

It is a large Spinning Wheel and has a very different feel to it then my little Pioneer Wheel (by Majacraft) on which you can see Kiki spinning in the photo below, or my first Wheel an Ashford Traditional.

This is solid and heavy and the huge flyer wheel is amazingly decorated with pretty.

It is a double treadle, but this one you treddle with both feet at the same time up and down.

The whole wheel seems very well thought out.

Up the top are spaces to insert the orifice attachments, stopper key and yarn-guide for the skeiner when not in use. It has 3 ratios and a interesting tension control system.

The Flyer is very easy to remove, it has 7 bobbins.

The Skeiner you can attach simply to the front of the wheel and then it turns when you treadle, winding the wool from the full bobbin on to it. So Handy!!!!

There is a lot of detail and helpful handy gadgets on this wheel.
You can see here the copper stopper key to hold the bobbin on when skeining as well as the eyelette through which the yarn is guided and kept in place while tranfering the wool from bobbin to skeiner.

It is going to take some time for us to get to know each other but I'm sure we'll get along just fine!

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  1. This is a beautiful wheel! you are lucky!! Very practical too, thanks for sharing!