Friday, April 6, 2012

Angora Merino; spun up.

You may remember the angora rabbit fibre I got given by a friend in Holland
I posted it here on my blog;

It is bearly recognisable but it is here in this spun up yarn.
Beautifully soft and with a lovely halo.

I spun a strand each of Angora and Merin /Silk mix and plied it into 466 yards of yarn, weighing only about 85-90 gr. 

I still has some Angora left which was plied on itself and produced 58 yards weighing less the 25 gr of very fine yarn to play with.

So in total the Angora spun up to 116 plus 466 = 528 yards all together........amazing.

I am planning to knit a helix scarf with it, just got to look for a pattern.

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