Monday, February 13, 2012

Socks; a different way.

I know that the photos here don't show socks. You are right.

What they do show are sock blankets.

They were 'sock blanks' to start with. Crocheted from a plain grey (wool polyester mix) as you can see in the balls shown on the photos.

Each blanket is chrocheted with large crochet hook, to aid speed, in double thread and weighs 100gr.

Each blank was then dyed by painting on the dye in patterns and the colours set using the microwave method.

Each blanket is enough for 1 pair of socks.
As.... yes, this blanket is going to be unraveled and wound into two identical balls to produce two identically coloured socks on knitting.

As my teen son said; "Mum you are mad!!"

Fun Fun!

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