Monday, September 5, 2011

My Majacraft Pioneer

My first wheel was an Ashford Traditional Wheel that I purchased secondhand and unseen. It taught me wonderful things and I still own it today after 5 years. It was a simple wheel that is excellent for a beginner.
However I felt I needed to upgrade because my skill outgrew what my wheel had to offer and also the old wheel was quite noisy.

Spinning wheels are little masterpieces of craftmanship and of course there is no huge production work in spinning wheel fabrication as only so many people today are interested in buying a wheeland then a wheel can last you a life time.
So they are pricey items.
I wanted a new wheel with a modern feel to it and have always loved the Majacraft wheels.
like many spinners I would love to own a Rose wheel. But due to its price this is beyond my reach although I dream have to have dreams! 

Maya craft produced in recent years an economy version of their wheels.
I think it is actually quite cute and it has all the features of some of their more classy styles just without the frills.
The Pioneer wheel was my choice and I have owned it now for just on 2 years and am very happy with it.
The double treadle is so comfortable, I love it.

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