Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunshine Kindness Baret and Scarf

The Baret is addapted from a pattern in the book 'Dyeing to Knit' by Elaine Eskesen

Some time ago my husband found an orphan lamb on the side of the road along our farm.
This lamb became "Prince" and was adopted by my daughter and loved. with her kindness it grew big and strong.
Some of his first fleece are in this scarf and baret set.

I bended that white fleece with some black mohair that was kindly given to me by a person at a mohair stand at the agricultural Field Days. We got talking and I mentioned I had never spun mohair before. So he gave me some to try.

Lots of kindness went into these items!


Although the colours on the photo don't do it justice they do remind me of a lovely sunset, one of those we regularily enjoy here in New Zealand.

The wool was dyed using Jaquard dye in hues of red, orange and yellow, with a 'hot pour' method to deliver as always a surprise outcome to enjoy.

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