Sunday, September 25, 2011

Head Coat.

These hats are very popular, I have made 3 so far. I used romney wool given to me raw. I dyed it in bright colours on a whim and in the grease still. I handcarded it and spun it and although it wasn't the greatest wool, harsh rather then soft, it came in handy and was perfect for these hats.

in my family not everyone is keen on home knits. Teens often don't think it is quite the in thing. Some of us can't stand wool on their skin or just shiver at the thouht of having t even touch wool.
But............these hats are (at least with the girls) very much wanted. So that is realy cool.

I enjoyed the pattern. Not realy difficult but a bit fiddly when it came to the peak.


This pattern is definitely a keeper!

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