Monday, September 12, 2011

Bosnia Slippers.

Bosnian Slippers( the English translation)
Please note I have never before translated a pattern, I am not knowledgeable of the Norse Language and English is my second language, but I do have quite some knitting experience.
First some notes;
·         The pattern is incredibly flexible, I think any size needle between 2.5 and 5.5 mm could be used and also any scraps of wool you may have to suit that needle size. You’ll have to establish gauge and stitches needed for the size slipper you want, if you do use different sized needles.
·         The original pattern is written for 2 colours of wool, but you can use as many as you like.
·         The original pattern asks to cast on 48 stitches with needle 4mm and says that 7-10 fans makes an adult sized slipper (size 37-41/ 6-10)
·         As with all slippers a snug/tight fit will aid the slippers to stay on your feet. It may be necessary to add a piece of elastic to the top to that cause. The “fans” do not reach the toes when the slipper is finished; rather the 20 garter stitch rows at the bottom of the slipper are the ones that cover the toes and sole of the foot. The slipper will look small, but will stretch heaps while being warm due to its ‘double layered’ pattern stitch. However you look at it they are attractive, easy, fun and quick to knit. Enjoy them.
Tip  Just knit a pair to get to know the pattern, they are a quick knit, someone will fit the resulting slippers, they make a neat gift. Then adjust the pattern/ needles etc to your desire.
·         1 pair of needles
·         Wool to match the needle size in two different colours (“1” and “2”)
·         Darning needle for sewing up the finished product.
·         Knitted on two needles these slippers are basically knitted in garter stitch (knit every row)
·         The bi coloured pattern for sides of the slipper and starting after the cuff
·         Fan increase

Original pattern;
1.       Cuff
Cast on 48 stitches with needles 4mm (or always an even amount, for any size you choose)
Knit cuff in garter stitch; 3 ribs in colour 1, 2 ribs in colour 2, 2 ribs in colour 1

2.       Foot
Row 1 (right side) in colour 2;
Side of slipper; Slip one stitch, knit one with colour 2, * slip one stitch- while running colour 2 thread  loosely on the wrong side of the work and-  knit the next stitch in colour 2. Repeat from * till you reach the centre of your work (between two stitches).
 Fan increase as follows; IN THE CENTRE OF THE WORK (= centre of previous fan)  pick up the underlying loop between two stitches with your right needle and transfer it to the left one. Knit this stitch 6 times (alternating knit and purl stitches), to increase 6 stitches.
Repeat Side of slipper (as above), starting with slip one stitch......till last stitch, bring colour 2 thread to right side of work, slip last stitch.
Row 2 (wrong side) in colour 2;
Side of slipper; Run the (colour 2) thread around the last slipped stitch which you slip again, bring thread to right side of work and knit the next stitch with colour 2. *Bring the thread to the wrong side of the work and slip a stitch by putting the needle through the back loop.  Bring the thread to the right side of the work and knit a stitch. Repeat from * till fan.
Fan; knit 6 stitches of fan in colour 2
Repeat side of slipper (as above);  matching slipped  (colour 1) and knit stitches (colour2) by colour till end of row.
Please note the thread on these two rows should always run loosely behind the slipped stitches on  wrong side of the work. The knitted stitches will be colour 2, the slipped stitches colour 1.
Row 3 (right side) in colour 1; * Knit the slipped stitch through the back loop, knit the next stitch. Repeat from * till fan, knit 6 fan stitches, * Knit the slipped stitch through the back loop, knit the next stitch. Repeat from * till end of row.
Row 4 (wrong side) in colour 1; knit all stitches.
Repeat these 4 rows
(Indication; 4mm needles, 42 stitches, 7 fans gave me a size 37 slipper / 4mm needles, 48 stitches,  8 fans gave me 39 sized slippers)
 When you have reached the desired amount of increases/ fans (this depends on the size of the slipper you need) the rest of the slipper is knitted in garter stitch, (up to) 10 ribs for a med-large adult size. Put a stitch marker in the centre of your row after 6 ribs.
In the last 8 rows decrease 4 stitches every second row as follows;
Right side; Knit 2 together  knit to 2 stitches from the centre, knit to together, knit 2 together, knit to the last 2 stitches knit 2 together.
Wrong side knit all stitches.
Bind of stitches or do a three needle bind off. Sew or crochet the slipper seam(s) closed. Work in the loose threads and you’re done!
The original pattern came only in Norwegian here are two links to this pattern

or the ravelry page is found on;


  1. Terrific pattern, just what I was looking for!

  2. thak you so much, I am from bosnia, but have no slightest idea how to knitt bosnian slippers. thanks to u, now I'll have one!

  3. Thank you for translation. I knitted 7 pairs. I am japanse knitter living in Paris. I'd like translate to Japanese for the group of charity. I'd like write to you for explain my plan. But I did not find the way to write you. On ravely you can my account ayuhira. Ayuko