Monday, October 17, 2011

5 miles an hour scarfs!

Kiki's colours

 As it was busy on the farm with calving season I have knitted more then I have spun.

As most spinners and knitters too I possess this big basket with oddment balls of wool. A few meters of this and a little ball of that. If you understand how much time it takes to produce those meters even though that is an enjoyable process, it makes it very hard to just discard of those 'useless pieces' just like that.

Else's autumn soft blends

I found a wonderful pattern on Ravelry for a scarf that is knitted on enormous needles to make it a very quick project.

I fact I knitted three of them in one rainy weekend. Using up all kinds of little bits of white and grey or black/white barberpole yarn of different wools and textures. I think they were some of the first wools I had spun, not too tidy nor even.

The girl and I had great fun dyeing them each to our own liking.

Esther's Peacock creation.

And look at the fabulous results!

There is no such thing as useless yarn....this proves it.

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