Monday, October 17, 2011

3 Sheep, 3 ply.

This is a (still greasy) 3 ply yarn I spun from the fleeces of 3 sheep that Kiki owns (ed).

One singles is of Prince the orphan lamb we found dumped on the side of the road one year that, Kiki ended up hand feeding until it was big enough to feed us.

The Second singles is from Barney the South Down Cross that Kiki had as a pet lamb for calf club and who has now grown into this huge while marshmellow who thinks he is a dog.

The third singles is from Anisha, sweet companion to Barney, I think a corriedale cross, with lovely soft touch.

It is soaking at the moment but watch this space as this white is going to be dyed and it always a surprise how that will turn out.

Well I could not wait much longer so I just got on with it.

Using the 'cold pour' method with a Kiki's choice of colours, I applied th colours as follows to the 'sausages' of white yarn;

Yellow- Blue- Orange- Purple
Purple- Orange- yellow- Blue

All wrapped up in Glad wrap and into the pot it went.

And heare it is hanging to dry, be amazed!

I think the colours are amazing, they turned out much brighter then I had expected and  although I wasn't confident that the colour choice was that great I am very happy with the result.

It is not a great amount, just 130 yards or so for a size 6mm knitting needle I think but it will surely make some nice project one day. Pitty summer is coming, who wouldn't want to wear a hat that will look this warm.

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