Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Little gnomes

I always take my crafts with me on holidays. Sometimes my spinning wheel, always some knitting or other project.
I find that it often attracts attention and comments and is a great conversation point.
This last time at the campsite I brought my spindle  as I am learning to use that more confidently and my knitting. I was planning on using up little scraps of wool for whimsical things. I don't like wasting oddments of yarn. So I had some patterns for small projects with me too.
A small girl at the campsite came every day to see me and watch me spin or knit and came to check on the growing herd of little gnomes I was making out of corks.
She was so fascinated with the knitting and the yarn.....delightful!
I let her take two gnomes home, they are going to live in her dolls house.

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