Friday, October 5, 2012

A no fibre nor yarn project.

This project does not involve fibre nor yarn. But is very suitable to accompany a (fibery) gift. Especially if you have more then a few words to share or things to include.

I have made many of these cards and have been asked to share the 'instructions'.

Here I go;

Please note before you start read and look through all these instructions first.

You need;

2 pieces of stong thin cardboard; 12 cm square (for the covers)
2 pieces of decorative paper;; 16 cm square (for the covers)
3 pieces of coloured paper in one colour; 21cm square. This is a the size of a 'squared' sheet of A4 paper. (for the inside)
A piece of ribbon; 80-90 cm long.
A glue stick and a

Start by covering your cardboard cover pieces.

 Glue a piece of card board in the centre on the wrong side of each decorative piece of paper.

Fold and glue two opposite sides of the decorative paper around the cardboard;

Then envelope fold  and glue the other sides too.

Have a look at the right sides of these covers and decide which one looks visually the nicest to use as a top cover for the card.

Now  you'll need to fold the 3 pieces of coloured paper each the same way.
This is a bit tricky to explain, but if you look at the photos you'll be able to work it out.
(You can opt to make a trial of scrap paper first, so you won't waste it if it goes wrong)

Fold a triangle and open up.

 Fold in half and open up

Fold in half again, the other way and open up.

The folds on your paper will look like this now.

Shape this piece into (what I call) a 'frog head' by pushing the triangle folds in and leaving the square sides top and bottom.

Do this for each of the three pieces.

 Next you hook the pieces together, so you can glue them together.
The middle piece of paper is facing with its opening towards you, the other two pieces are facing with their opening away from you. (see above photo)
Hook the pieces together with the square sides touching. 
These square sides need to be glued together precisely. Taking care no glue extends over the folding lines. 

Folded out you can see the yellow two 'dots' indicating where the three pieces have been glued.

Folded up it will look like this; (sorry I initially forgot to take a photo of this stage and had to add one with different colour paper)

Next you lay your bottom cover in front of you, taking care you are happy with the decorative print direction.
The side closest to you will be the 'bottom' side of the card.

Glue your piece of ribbon central and horizontally across this piece of cover.

Glue the cards "inside" onto this cover.

Take note that the opening of the card will be at the bottom Right corner.

Glue the top cover onto the top of the cards "Inside".

Once dried you can tie the ribbon around.

You now have created a fold out card with enough space to be a letter too.

You can add small pictures, quotes, poems, recipes, notes or photos in the spaces available between the folds.

I think this is worth while sharing.

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